souper5.jpg I'm taking time out from my regularly-scheduled programming to tell you about an awesome new business being launched in the DC area: it's called Soupergirl, and (if you couldn't guess) it's a soup business! A friend of mine, Sara Polon, not to be at all confused with Sarah Palin (who will NOT be our next VP, thank you very much!!) launched Soupergirl this Thursday, and starting ever-so-soon, you can get fresh, delicious soups delivered to a location nearby!

souper7.jpg Sara uses as much local produce as possible in making her soups; as it so happens, all her soups are vegan -- but they hardly skimp on flavor: I've tried the black bean chili, the pureed chickpea, the pumpkin tomato, the black-eyed pea and mustard green, and others, and let me tell you....delicious.


Did I mention that I did the photos for her site? My very first gig!


So how was I lucky enough to taste all these soups? Well, Sara's been holding tastings for months now, pressure-testing her recipes with discerning and hungry friends of hers. But that's not how I tried them. Nope -- I tried them at our photoshoot this Sunday!



Yes, folks, you heard me correctly -- I, amateur photographer with no real knowledge of this stuff, took the photos for Sara's website! So not only did I politely dunk my spoon fingers into every soup, I also got handsomely paid with two large containers of the stuff. I'm a happy lady.


So if you're in the DC area, check out soupergirl....I can guarantee you, my tastebuds were singin' after tasting Sara's soups, and yours can be, too. Try it, you'll like it!