Hi! I'm Rivka. I love to cook. This is my new site.

Where's NDP?  Not Derby Pie is my old blog. It's been breaking for a long while – no header! no comments! disappearing posts! – and it finally got to the point where it needed a complete overhaul. Instead, I took the opportunity to start fresh. Welcome to my new home. 

How I cook: Mostly by feel. I don't much love recipes, but I know you probably do, and you'll find plenty of them here. I make a mean baingan bartha and a decent masala dosa, too. I've perfected a recipe for intensely bittersweet chocolate ice cream. I'm addicted to Tartine-style sourdough bread.  

How I eat: Voraciously. I love it all. And now that there's a little mouth to feed, I'm teaching her to love food as much as I do. It's the absolute best.

Not my jam: I don't like going out for brunch. (Why bother, when you can make it better at home?) There are only two foods on my never-never list: mayonnaise and cottage cheese. (Blech.) I don't love bananas, unless they're in this cake. Or this bread.

New site > old site: I hope you agree! NDP was built on Wordpress and managed/monitored/sweated over by yours truly. rivkafriedman.net is built on the super-easy, super-clean Squarespace platform (I use the Hudson template). No more sweating, phew.

Photos: These days, I shoot almost exclusively with my very-well-worn Nikon D80 and a 50mm/1.4 lens. I'm currently saving for a 100mm macro.